Full Quilt

It’s been a great week here in Pink Feather world!   Pink hair, show quilt, and a whole bunch of bullseyes!  

 I had a great time quilting  Will’s show quilt!  It is a quilt that I call all borders!   Very challenging for the longarm quilter!   I learned lots from Carla Barrett at MQS this year, with an on-line refresher, that now makes borders and sashings fun to do!  I added a little creativity of my own in the bird strips, and the end result is stunning! 

Close Up


Even better was the delivery of this quilt!  No one could actually belive that this crazy quilter would actually go out in public with flourescent pink hair with bats in it!  Yep, I sure did!  This time of year, a longarm quilter doesn’t get out much, so we have to really enjoy it when we do! Will was mortified, but he was a good sport about it!  That’s why I love him! 

Am I Will's Dream Come True? Or his Worst Nightmare?


I also finished Linda’s Pumpkin Quilt!  This one is stunning!  I was so excited about being able to quilt the border designs she drew, that I didn’t get a very good picture of the rest of the quilting – but it’s a cool quilt, so here it is! 

Linda's Pumpkin Quilt


Then there is Susan’s Bullseye Quilt!  I am so excited about how this one quilted!  I had a great time working on

Bullseye Borders

it, and she will pick it up tomorrow.

Bullseye - Full ViewBullseye Borders

It’s been a great week here, and the momentum is going strong!  I will be at the Mancuso show in Palm Beach next week, leaving hubby, teenager, and fur kids behind!  I’ve got some gorgeous quilts coming up this week also, so stay tuned! 

I’ve had quite a few people ask me about this, so I’ll post it here for everyone!  As most of you know,  when I quilt, I always, always, always, have the radio on!  I listen to talk radio most of the day because I just hate to miss anything!  At night, it’s usually obscenely loud rock and roll music, and I tend to play the same songs over and over, which drives my husband insane! 

Recently, I became aware of a new talk radio show by Mark Lipinski!  It’s called Creative Mojo, and it is beyond fabulous!  I find it so refreshing to be quilting away in the studio, and listening to quilting talk radio!   If you are not yet familiar with Mark Lipinski, you should be!   He’s funny, upbeat, creative and is bringing issues to all quilters on this new show. 

I do not have an i-pod yet (gasp!) and my teenager flat refused to let me download “quilty” stuff to his!!!  I can’t imagine why, but there it is…..So, I listen to the stream on my laptop.  All the episodes can be found at the link below, and for those of you with i-pods or i-phones, you can subscribe direct at i-tunes and get it as a podcast. 

Check it out because he has guests that discuss art quilting, traditional quilting, embellishing, and issues we all face as quilters, like organizing our stash!  He’s had excellent guests on how to stimulate your creativity, and as a quilter, I really appreciate the variety of segments.  If you want to know what is going on within the industry, from how to get magazines, to new tools, new fabrics, to upcoming cotton pricing, then this is the show!  Enjoy! 


There were too many pics for one post, so here are the finished photos!

Finished and Beautiful!




View of Quilting on the Back

Back - Block View

So, you can see that despite running into problems on an older quilt, they can be finished, and beautiful!  I hope my quilting has done an honor to Genny’s work.  Sometimes, there are un-forseen issues, and sometimes they just pop up, especially with an older quilt, but with creative solutions, good friends, and changing up a quilting design to accomodate any piecing issues,  you can finish a project with a beautiful outcome for all! 

Happy Quilting!  Cindye

Yes, I know, it is embarrassing how long it’s been since I’ve updated this site!  It was a summer filled with losing the longarm from a power company issue, an injured kid, a blown up hot water heater, and an air conditioner that just died – I’ve had better summers!   I’ll try to get some pics up of my machine, and it’s travels! 

Today’s post is going to be about a very special quilt.  The quilt was dropped off, almost completed except for two borders, to a church.   The box was marked “Genny’s Quilt.”  The ladies at that church saw how beautiful the quilt was, and decided to have it finished, and auctioned, to benefit the charity funds for the church.    The blocks were all hand pieced, and the sashing and borders are all machine pieced.   We also know the quilt is pretty old, because the thread and the fabrics in the seams had started to come apart. 

This presents a unique challenge to the quilter!  LOL!  I did receive permission to post the pictures of the problems, and their solutions, and understand, this is a post on how to solve technical issues in quilting, not to bash them.  This quilt did have several problems, but it is just so beautiful, and the amount of work that went into it, my intention is to show that these older quilts are absolutely worth saving and finishing, and maybe I can show others how I accomplished the task!

A common problem in quilts is extra fullness in the borders.  What made this one challenging is that there were 3 borders sewn together!  After one frantic plea,  Deborahhhhhhhhhhh, (okay, maybe 2 or 3) how do I fix THREE at the same time without making it look bad?   She very patiently explained how to do it, and voila, it worked!  Below are pictures of before, during, and after.  The extra fullness was tucked in, on all 3 borders, and not easily seen on the finished quilt!  YAY!!!

Fullness in Borders


Fullness in Borders - Right side

Correction - Before Quilting - Thanks Deborah!

Finished Border - No Correction Seen!

Once the borders were corrected, it was on to the quilting!  Then, I discovered some wearing in some of the fabrics, causing them to seperate.  I did not want to quilt over them, creating more stress on older fabrics,  so I wanted to find some way to secure them before quilting.  Another friend, Rose, received a frantic phone call of one crazy, desperate longarm quilter, seeking the elusive Bo Nash polymer fuse, that we all SHOULD have, but don’t! LOL!  Luckily, she had some, and I set to fixing them before quilting! 

Fabric Wear - Separation

Now we are down to the fun part!  The borders are fixed, the holes are fixed, and I also changed up the quilting design in the pieced blocks to enable me to “hit” all the points in the piecing several times, to re-inforce all the separation in the piecing.  There will be a follow up post 2 to this one to show the finished pictures. 

Here’s a cute little quilt going to a very lucky baby!  The theme is Brown Bear, so we decided to quilt paw prints on it!  It is soooooo cute!  The photo below just goes to show that if the quilting designs are chosen carefully, and are appropriate to the quilt, and the piecer and quilter work well together, you really get something special.  This photo was taken during the quilting process because I was so excited about how cute the design is for this quilt!    And it gives a great visual for before and after!   A big thank you to Sandi for making such a cute quilt!

Here it is finished, but I had to crop the pic so you could see the quilting.  If I can get a better photo of the entire top, I’ll post later today. 

While we are still on the subject of paws, and how cute they are……  I had to meet a customer at the Cotton Patch Quilt Shop: http://cottonpatchquiltshop.com/ and look what I found!!!!!! 

Two pudgy little adorable basset pups!!   I work relief shifts at the Animal ER, and I’ve seen a lot of puppies, but  I simply cannot get over how precious these puppies are!   They are two of the cutest little potty factory’s you ever did see!  Tim & Laura are doing something right though, because they are already walking to the door to take care of their little puppy business!  Sweet, loveable and their fat little legs greatly increase their cuteness factor!   Puppy kisses with puppy breath can make anyone’s day!

My own little puppy was really cute too, until she figured out how to eat holes in the curtains:

So, I’ll have to end this post by asking:  Does it get any better?  Puppies and quilts!   Those paws, large, small, and quilted, always make their own imprints on our hearts, and smiles to our faces! 

What’s even cooler is I finally got my “smart” phone to do what I asked, so I was able to make this post!  In the next week or so, I’ll post some of the other pics I’ve taken!  

Have a great day!  Cindye


Here’s another!  I got to play with design possibilities, and my new tablet stuff!  It is so much easier to e-mail design choices to someone on their quilt than me trying to describe what I’m thinking!    This is a beautiful quilt made by Will Owens.  He teaches several quilting classes and is a great piecer!  (No pressure there to do a nice job on the quilting huh?)   I’ll post pics in the next few days of the top he did for me – it is stunning!

The pics do not do justice to the beautiful shading effects he accomplished by using beautifully placed shades of the lighter fabrics for the backgrounds – you’ll have to trust me, this one is a work of art.  After seeing his fabric choices and placement, I now know why he offers a class in color.  If he is in your area, sign up!

Here is his quilt once I finished all the ruler/outline work on the stars.  I think there were something like a ba-zillion of them…


So what to do for the background?  Here are the two choices I drew and sent to him.  ***Important*** I quilt much better than I draw!  I’ll prove it to you here shortly! LOL!

Which did you choose?  Personally, I liked both designs, which is why it is so great I can now e-mail them! 

Here is what he chose, and is the proof that my quilting looks much, much better than my drawing!

Note the little feather/curl design between the stars in the border that I learned in Carla Barrett’s class at the MQS convention!

And finally, the back:

This quilt is gi-normous!  I’m so happy with the design he chose!  Although, I must admit, I’m still trying to decide if I am happier at how beautiful the finished quilt is, or if I’m just happy that my part is finally finished!  LOL!!

I never thought quilting would be my motivation for moving into the current century!  After attending Carla Barrett’s class at MQS, my motivation to learn this “computer stuff” moved from negative zero to warp speed!   After watching how Carla “draws” on quilt pictures, the realization hit that when I call someone, frantic, second, third and forth guessing which design to put on their quilt, that if I learned this drawing stuff, I could relatively calmly draw the design, or two, or six, and e-mail it to the quilt owner!  I am so very blessed that so many of you are quite used to this, and when you receive those frantic calls, I know most of you smile, allow my panic (because I’m sure it IS amusing at times! LOL) and then calmly state “Whatever you want Cindye…..” 

After getting all my new computer stuff ready, and trying for weeks to figure it out, I come to the realization that even though I’m willing, I have no idea what I’m doing.  Luckily, I found Jade Gates, here in Sarasota.  She does all kinds of cool stuff, including digital photography, web design,  art & commericial photographic services, and the magic words:  Photoshop classes!  I contacted her, http://www.jadegates.com/ and she set up a class over the telephone!  She shared my screen, and in one hour, I was up and running!  What a wonderful experience, and fabulous service she provides!

So I was able to start with this:

Then this:

And turn those images into these:

I’ve always wanted to feather an Irish Chain quilt!  This one was beautifully pieced, and the fabrics allowed me to use some beautiful threads on them.   A big thank you to Jeannie, for allowing me to experiment with her quilt, digitally and quilting-ly! 

It just goes to show, when you have a determined quilter, a beautiful quilt top, and modern technology, you can teach an old broad new tricks!  Happy Quilting!  Cindye